Thursday, 23 March 2017

es2 Multi-view

Accomodate your federation, academy or pre-school partners on a single site!



James T Kirk federation admin manager
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This site is demonstrating the new es2 Multi-view site

If you are part of an Academy, a Federation or you have a Nursery or Pre-school, then you can now manage them all on one single es2 site!

Each member can have their own pages, home page, news, events, contacts and galleries as well as their own logo. It is easy to set up, just use the same tools and simply select the school it belongs to and es2 Multi-view will do the rest!

Multi-view is available to all es2 users using the latest version.

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Create your own template skin or use one of the templates provided. You can use your own images or use only colour or a combination - almost unlimited variations!

es2 brings you many new features to help you quickly and easily build a web presence for your school - but just as important, es2 gives you the tools to keep it up-to-date and the support of our Service Desk to help you get the best out of your es2 website.

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